This is our optional KiNetics Service Agreement

Download the Service Agreement

Thank you for your interest in subscribing to KiNetics for your Organization’s Physician Recruitment Web Services.

Signing up for KiNetics Annual Service Agreement is a simple process:

  1. Review KiNetics Service Options
  2. Select the appropriate Service Option
  3. Complete billing & administrator information
  4. Download, sign and date the   Subscription Order Form
  5. Fax the completed form to the Ki Support Staff at 850.477.2476

If you have any questions, please contact the Ki Support Staff at 1-888-550-0556 [8-5 CST, Monday through Friday].

All Options include, but are not be limited to the following services.

  • Minor Updates
    • Text/Content Changes (excludes fixing misspellings/grammar arising from Ki error)
    • Videos or Video Gallery (Hosted by 3rd party)
    • Images (On content pages and/or Staff Bio pages or Image Gallery. Includes resizing & cropping as needed, may exclude advanced Photoshop work.)
    • News/Events (Including adding .PDF’s for downloading, if applicable)
    • Updating, Adding or Deleting Staff Bio page(s)
    • Updating/adding hyperlinks
    • Featured Jobs
    • Changing contact information (Emails, phone numbers, etc.)
    • Changing out logo and/or Favicons
  • Minor Layout Adjustments
    • Spacing/Alignment
    • Template Color Scheme (Including header, footer, background, borders, lines, breadcrumb background, etc.)
    • Font type, color or size
    • Hyperlink behavior (Color, underline, etc.)
    • Adding/changing custom list bullets (e.g.. creating/adding custom images for bullets)
  • New Pages
    • Standard Template Layout Only

KiNetics Service Packages are as follows:

Option A
Hourly based on need
($115/hour) - SOW Required
Option B
10 Hours - $1,000.00
Option C
15 Hours - $1,485.00
Option D
20 Hours - $1,960.00
Option E
30 Hours - $2,910.00
Option F
40 Hours - $3,840.00
Option G
50 Hours - $4,750.00